Terms & Conditions

Policy on Revisions

Based on the package you picked, we provide revision as well. Customers will request an infinite number of free modifications, and we can revise their design at no extra cost as long as the design and philosophy remain the same. Revision Turnaround Time is 48 hours.

Money-Back Guarantee / Refund Policy

In any case, any funds deposited for a project are not refundable after completion until the original design proposals are approved or a modification is demanded unless Elite Design AgencyTM cancels or terminates the Contract for a reason other than your violation or non-performance.

Both Refund Requests Must Be Fulfilled As Follows:

  • When the original logo ideas are shown, you propose. However, if you accept or order modifications to the original designs, the refund deal is null and invalid, and no refund requests can be considered.
  • If you seek a refund until the delivery of the original design proposals, you will be responsible for a full refund (less than 10 percent service & processing fee). If you seek a refund within 48 hours, you will be liable for a 66 percent refund (less than 10 percent service & processing fee).
  • If you seek a refund within 48 and 120 hours of the original design launch, you will be liable for a 33 percent refund (less than 10 percent service & processing fee). Any refund queries should be directed to the support team. Based on the breach of the user agreement, Elite Design Agency retains the right to accept or deny your request on an individual case-by-case basis.
  • The refund policy for Elite Design Agency / Custom packages would be the same as it is for single packages.
  • For example, if you order a logo and web design service and accept the logo, you can request a refund for the website service only during the initial design phase.
  • No refund request will be entertained if you have not taken any action on your order for 30 days after placing your order. However, if you want to reactivate your design order, you will be charged a certain fee depending on your project
  • A legitimate justification for requesting a refund must be qualified against the design brief and customer reviews for revisions. A refund will not be issued because a concept is not constructed according to the brief; however, further revisions will be made before full fulfillment is achieved.
  • The money-back offer is contingent on the order being placed in good faith. We may not deem it good faith when a customer places design orders with more than one design firm for the same job to claim a refund. In this situation, we reserve the right to refuse a refund order.
  • Since all design jobs necessitate consumer input before finalizing the design, it is only fair that the customer participates and receives feedback on the desired outcomes.
  • If our crafted logo is found to be significantly identical to another logo template that might already exist, you are entitled to a re-draw. Any similarity to an actual concept will be purely coincidental, and Elite Design Agency will take no blame or compensation in such a situation. The client must order to solely obtain rights for their artwork.
  • There is no Refund for Content Writing Packages.
  • For Any Legal paper work/Services there is no Refund policy
  • In any event, any deposited funds for a project shall not be subject to refund after delivery if the initial design concepts are approved, or you request changes in the initial mockup then the refund offer becomes void and the refund request will not be entertained.
  • No refund request will be entertained after 120 hours of your initial design delivery. However, since we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, you’re encouraged to contact us in case of any concerns.
  • “There are no refunds on any SEO or SMM Packages once the work is initiated”
  • “No Refund request would be entertained for Change of Mind”

How to Request a Refund

Please ensure that you meet the following conditions to ensure that your refund request is accepted.

Claim your refund by contacting us using either of the three methods mentioned below: (786) 772-1066 Live Chat sales@elitedesignagency.com. We will attempt to settle your issue as soon as possible using our revision policy, or we will email you a refund request acceptance from our refund department. Following the refund, Elite Design Agency will receive the design rights, and you would be unable to show any variant of the design submitted by the firm. Let’s be clear on that as well. Since the design rights have now been passed to the firm, you accept that you will have no right (direct or indirect) to use any answer or other material, work result, or media, nor any equity interest in or to the same. Together with the Government Copyright Agencies, Elite Design Agency must exchange Copyright Acquisition details for the refunded designs, which would limit any re-use of the designs as original designs. Please contact us at sales@elitedesignagency.com if you have any questions or reservations about our refund policy.

My Account

The My Account section is an easy way to chat. You solely must order search the account area for any questions, complaints, or further orders from the designer. You would not be eligible for a refund if you do not search or use the Account Area regularly. If you have any questions about how to use the area, you can contact the customer service team at any time.

Policy on Quality Assurance

Our designers do not deviate from the requirements given by you in the order form to provide you with the desired satisfaction. The projects are produced after extensive testing, ensuring the design’s accuracy and individuality.

Guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction

We rework the ordered template and revise it until you are fully pleased (depending upon your package).

Domain Names and Hosting

Where appropriate, domain and hosting will be included free of charge with website bundles. Many of the email addresses included in website subscriptions can be installed in third-party email clients like Outlook. Each email address will be allocated 10MB of storage space. We would not have email addresses if you do not host your website with us. There are no refunds available for the hosting, domain, or email server packages.

Policy on Delivery

Both concept order files are sent to My Account on the stated date on the “Order Confirmation.” An e-mail is also sent to the customer informing them that their design order has been sent to their particular account location. Both revision and refund policies are subject to the date and time the design order is submitted to the client’s account location. All concept order files are sent to “My Account” on the designated date on the “Order Confirmation.” An e-mail is also sent to the customer informing them that their design order has been sent to their particular account location.

Upkeep of Records

Once we have provided you with the final files, we keep a record of your finished design. If you need the final files again, we will give them to you at your request.

Customer Service

We have 24-hour customer service to answer your questions and concerns. You can email us at any time, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Policy on Communication

You accept that Elite Design Agency is not responsible for all communications sent from email addresses other than those preceded by our domain, i.e. “..@elitedesignagency.com” or/and any toll-free number not mentioned on our website. Elite Design Agency is not liable for any damage(s) incurred by such communications. We only accept responsibility for contact via email address(es) under our domain name or/and via toll-free number, as mentioned on the Elite Design Agency website.

Information Availability

To use Elite Design Agency facilities, you will be required to have registry records or other information. By agreeing on these terms and conditions, you agree that the details you provide will be accurate, up to date, and complete. If Elite Design Agency claims the information you have submitted is incorrect, out of date, or incomplete, Elite Design Agency reserves the right to deny you access to any services or facilities, as well as to terminate or suspend your account, at any time. Elite Design Agency is a PCI DSS compliant organization.

100% Authentic Design Guarantee

We pledge that all of our customers’ logos are produced from scratch at Elite Design Agency. This way, you will have a logo that is specifically tailored to your needs. We promise that your logo will be one-of-a-kind and will please your clients.


The Company will assist the Client in integrating third-party plugins and APIs, but any third-party integration needed to assist with website features will be STRICTLY normal. Throughout order to this project’s growth, the Company would have no relations with third parties. Any new work would necessitate a different fee arrangement.

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